Made to Measure

Made to measure tailoring

The Mancini brand was first born out of a successful bespoke tailoring and made to measure business. Our initial idea was to offer suits, jackets and shirts that would fit to perfection, while allowing the customer to get involved in the design process. Through offering a diverse range of fabrics, linings and a variety of design options, Mancini quickly established himself as a one of the market leaders for made to measure. Each suit is unique to every customer and is often a reflection of each personality, whether that be a flamboyant character seeking a distinctive and original look, or a conservative gentlemen wishing to remain classic with subtle attention to detail.

Over 27 years of bespoke tailoring experience

With prices for jackets starting from £499 and suits from £799, Antonio Mancini is competitive in its pricing structure, but never compromises on quality. We offer a wide selection of the world’s best artisan fabrics, and cater for every occasion, be it weddings, a business suit to give that cutting edge look for important meetings, or simply a playful jacket for the weekend.

A premium-end product offering the finest Italian fabrics and canvas construction (the complex layers of the suit are woven together and not glued as so many suits are these days, providing a smother, cleaner look to the way the suit hangs, and not to mention increasing longevity of the garments wearable lifespan)

Each suit is hand made by a team of highly experienced tailors, taking between 4 - 6 weeks. However, we kindly request that customers give us as much time as possible to avoid last minute haste. Occasionally it is necessary to make some minor adjustments once the item is received in store, for which we have our own tailor at hand and available to complete any adjustments in a matter of hours.

Although our service is best when in store, where one of our trained tailors can measure and advise you, we offer a call-out service for those who just do not have the time to get away. For this reason we would be more than happy to come to you with a large selection of fabrics, and measure you in person at a place of your convenience.

If you nurture it and allow it to grow it will turn into something beautiful that everyone can enjoy

For more information on booking an appointment with a tailor in store, or for a tailor to come and see you, please contact us by emailing us at

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