About Antonio Mancini Menswear

About Mancini Jeans

The Mancini  Clothing brand is a hybrid concept fresh out of Italy

Italian in design with influences from the automotive industry, Antonio Mancini is targeted at men who have a passion for fashion as well as cars.

Many men seek the quality and style that a designer make such as Antonio Mancini offers, and now they can have it. With subtle attention to detail – through contrast trims and stitching – Mancini Clothing is very much Italian at its heart but has been fitted around the British man.

Well known for its distinctive polo designs, Mancini Clothing also offers made to measure suiting, shirting and jeans in selected stores! Antonio Mancini menswear is fast becoming the next big thing and is the sought after brand for today’s modern man. However, Mancini is determined to maintain its ethos of exclusivity and protect the brand our customers have come to love wearing.

Mancini Jeans is an Italian brand with a fresh approach to design.

Super stretch denims, exclusively sourced, allowing for maximum comfort whilst maintaining a slim casual-smart look. Playful stitching and contemporary detailing is what makes Mancini Jeans stand apart. Exclusively available from selected stores and our website.

The Sunflower Story

Many people ask us ‘why sunflowers’ when they notice the distinctive lining in our jeans. The reason is the sunflower is a very special symbol to us at Mancini because of what it represents to us; but to explain we first have to go back to the beginning.

During the early years of Mancini, when we were only 3 boys from the north on England looking to create a brand that looked and felt Italian, but catered for the shape and fit of the British man, we ventured to the renowned textile regions of Portugal. We were only a small business with not a great deal of capital to invest, but what we had was a clear idea of what we wanted to create and how we wanted to do it. However, after meeting with many manufacturers, we were told the same thing time and time again ‘No! You’re too small - we’re not interested!’, and so we kept on looking.

Eventually we visited a factory run by a small family, very similar to ours. Not speaking much Portuguese, and the owner not speaking much English, we talked via our recently acquired agent, Fernando, who turned out to be an expert in the textiles industry and assured us this family was the one that could do what we wanted. After seeing a few examples of the detail and the quality of work the family already produced, we realised Fernando hadn’t been exaggerating, and we were all excited to begin working with them right away. Unfortunately the matter soon turned to numbers, and how many jeans we wanted to make, and we were disheartened to see the owners head shake from side to side as so many others had done before. It was at this moment, when we were beginning to think we would never see our vision realised, that Jan, cousin to me and nephew to my father, picked from his pocket a single sunflower seed. He had been given the seed by his son that morning for luck before his flight and had forgotten that it was in his pocket until that moment. An idea suddenly struck him how this seed might save them the shame of returning home having failed once again. Walking over to the man whom could not speak a word of English, he took hold of his hand, uncurled his fingers and placed the seed in the centre of his palm. The man looked at him puzzled and then to Fernando for an explanation, who shrugged unknowingly.
“This seed is us.” Jan said, and Fernando began translating.
“At the moment its not very big and not very interesting. But if you nurture it and allow it to grow it will turn into something beautiful that everyone can enjoy.”
We all waited in silence as our acting interpreter relayed what had been said, and when he had finish there were a few moments painful silence before the owner smiled and nodded his head. He then shook all three of our hands, spoke a few words in Portuguese and left the room. Fernando quickly confirmed what we all already knew to be true, that the man had said ‘Yes!’. The owner of the factory had understood what the seed represented. But more importantly he understood what the seed might become if treated in the right way.

A year later we returned to order many more jeans and found an 8ft tall sunflower growing in a pot outside the factory. After greeting us like old friends, the owner informed us he was going to harvest the seeds of the sunflower and plant more the following year. So look out! If you see any sunflowers growing outside a factory in Portugal, it might be that the magic of making a pair of Mancini jeans if happening inside.

If you nurture it and allow it to grow it will turn into something beautiful that everyone can enjoy
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